Who Am I?

My name is Bob Guest (hence the name of the website) and I’m a songwriter/musician/performer from southwestern Ontario, Canada. I was originally from the Toronto area, but moved to the Sarnia area a few years back, which puts me conveniently at the border, granting me easy access to both Canadian and American events.

My earliest influences have been mostly in gospel and Christian contemporary music, but I was introduced to filk music (music of science fiction fandom) a few years back and decided to give it a try. I then transitioned into Dementia music (a name inspired by comedy radio host, Dr. Demento) and have since worked primarily within the influences of filk and Dementia music.

Of course, I have not completely abandoned my gospel & CCM roots… There just doesn’t seem to be opportunity right now. I do plan to have a section here to satisfy those who come here looking for that too.