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Just a sample of the music I’ve done. Some original, some not.

I think it was 1997… I was attending a house filk where the girls from Urban Tapestry were present. Debbie Ohi said something about reading about the reduction of the South American rain forest affecting the harvest of the cocoa plant… and causing a chocolate famine early into the 21st century. We’re now well into the 21st century and chocolate isn’t scarce yet… but the song I recorded because of that conversation is still around.

The Merry Sea
This was a midi experiment that turned out better than I had expected. The name was suggested by somebody I used to know, and the style was supposed to suggest a ship at sea. I don’t know if I actually accomplished that goal, but I liked it anyway. An edited version of this was later incorporated into my wedding ceremony in 2004.

Rosedale Manor
I really did live in a place that we called “Rosedale Manor”. It was an old rooming house and somewhat run down… but for a while, it was home. One thing that it wasn’t was haunted. But while I was living there, I did work for a short time as a night watchman on a movie set in a building with a reputation as being the most haunted location in Toronto. The events in the song are based on my actual experience. Song tied for second place in the Mad Music Halloween 2007 song contest.

The Ballad Of Captain Wayne
I wanted to do this song for a while… and then I decided to write it in honour of “Captain Wayne” of Mad Music. He returned the favour by including it as a regular opening theme on the Mad Music Podcast.

The Ballad Of Captain Wayne – (working copy)
This is an early recording trial of the song. I didn’t think I kept any MP3s of this working version, but I recently found it while looking through my music directory… So I’m including it here.

With Great Power Comes Great Power Bills
Tom Smith wrote this song for his “The Last Hero On Earth” CD. I recorded this version for the “Mr. Smith Goes To The Hospital” fundraiser project, which was made to help Tom along as he recovered from an unfortunate accident.
Used by permission.

Twilight Zone – Part 1
This is a parody of the Crash Test Dummies song, “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”, and retells stories from the classic “Twilight Zone” TV show. I included the “Part 1” in the song title to give me space to write more verses about further series episodes. The song was first played when I guest hosted (MM-196) on Devo Spice‘s show, Manic Mondays.

My good friend “Downtown Freddy Brown” wrote this parody following the untimely death of Michael Jackson. However, his upcoming wedding and technical limitations prevented him from recording it while it was still relevant… so I took it over. Thanks Fred.
Used by permission.

More to come…..